Startup Alm Week 2017


Startup Alm will take you on a 3-day startup workshop into the mountains. Join interesting people in interesting places. This offsite in the Alps will bring your team closer in a dynamic hub for work & play.

In these 3 days your team will get focused on what your customer really wants. Tackle your business model and get it on just one page. Profit from a global standard used by millions of entrepreneurs to describe and challenge your business model whilst balancing work & fun in a fully equipped workspace and access to outdoor activities.

Choose between two different workshops with the topics ‚Mobility & AI‘ or ‚Connected Lifestyle & IoT‘ to push your business further.




Application Deadline

Event is in English and German. Tickets are limited. Please save your spot before the 30th of September. Make sure to join! Exclusive amount of participants per workshop: 10 people. Team size: 2-4 people/team.



Mobility & AI

Focus: Business Model Optimization for Mobility & AI startups featuring our mentors Sebastian Jagsch (Global Head of AVL Startup Initiative & CEO eluminocity) & Christian Lindener (CEO Wayra Deutschland)



Connected Lifestyle

Focus: Business Model Optimization & Value Proposition for Connected Lifestyle & IoT startups with our mentors Mikko Mannila (Founder of Stattys) & Kay-Uwe Clemens (CTO WeWash)

Workshop I

Mobility & Artificial Intelligence

Startup Alm is your network of interesting founders. We provide you with everything you need to get productive the moment you arrive: Strong WIFI, a beautiful authentic hut with several spaces to work, a garden to relax and have a BBQ and comfortable rooms to rest. Oh, did we mention the big balcony with stunning views of the Alps?
Our experienced mentors with their mobility & AI background will guide you through the process of making your business bullet proof and ready to pitch to investors & clients.

Team Member
Christian Lindener

CEO Wayra Germany

Team Member
Sebastian Jagsch

CEO eluminocity

Team Member
Jonas & Kim

Your Hosts

Workshop II

Connected Lifestyle & IoT

This offsite for young IoT startups will take your team on a 3-day adventure. Get a new perspective on your business model and customer value proposition. For Afterwork, watch the sunset descend into the valley while networking on the balcony with breathtaking views of the mountains. Enjoy group dinners with likeminded teams facing the same challenges, BBQ and an easy hiking trip.
Our industry experts with their IoT & innovation product background will coach you to win over your clients with a decent business model and a kick ass customer value proposition.

Team Member
Mikko Mannila

CEO Stattys

Team Member
Kay-Uwe Clemens

CTO WeWash

Team Member
Jonas & Kim

Your Hosts



To take part in one of the workshops, you need to have a team of 2-4 people. Your team should have already decided for your business idea and had it tested in a previous startup event like Startup Weekend, your startup program at your university or you have already founded your startup within the last 12 months. The short application form is to register your team. If you fulfill the requirements named above, we will send you a confirmation quickly, that saves your spot for this year’s startup adventure. It is super easy and fast, we promise!

We provide you with everything you need to get productive: The tickets include two nights of accommodation, coffee, food and non-alcoholic drinks, workspace, mentoring and working material. The price per person is

249€ (excl. VAT)

Your application details:

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The Hoiz Alm

Join interesting people in interesting places for 3 days in the mountains just 2 hours from Munich. For Afterwork, watch the sunset bathe the valley in soft light while networking on the balcony with breathtaking views of the mountains. Connect with the other likeminded startups facing the same challenges during group dinners, lunch breaks & BBQ or on an easy hiking trip.
Make sure to join the adventure in October!

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